NOTICE: Effective January 19, 2017, The Somerset County Sheriff's Office can no longer accept cash as payment for sale deposits or balances or for the $28.00 adjournment fee.

NOTICE: Effective August 1, 2015, all future adjournments will be charged at a rate of $28.00 per adjournment.

NOTICE:  Effective January 4, 2011, the opening bid at Sheriff Sales in Somerset County will be $1,000.00 and the bidding increments will remain at the present amount of a minimum of $1,000.00.

                          Sales Statistics
  New Sales
December 2015 67 35 10  
January 2016 81 45 14  
February 110 40 15  
March 129 48 32  
April 111 69 13  
May 70 88 16  
June 104 81 22  
July 61 59 18  
August 41 71 12  
September 70 44 14  
October 43 43 21  
November 30 60 21  
December 60 25 8  


New Jersey Courts Take Steps to Ensure Integrity of Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Process

                              Sales Information

The Sheriff is an officer of the Court. He conducts or adjourns sales in accordance with State Statutes or Court Rules.

It is recommended that you talk to an attorney before bidding on properties at a Sheriff's Foreclosure Sale.

Sales in foreclosure are for real property. We cannot authorize persons to enter or inspect any property that may be offered for sale. The rule of Caveat Emptor (let the buyer beware) is applicable to all Foreclosure Sales.

All property to be sold at auction is advertised on Thursday in the Courier-News for four consecutive weeks prior to the sale.  Property is also advertised in a paper serving the sale community.

In addition to this advertising, notices of sales are also posted in the Somerset County Administration Building Lobby, and on the property to be sold.

The Sheriff's Office does not offer printed listings of sale properties. Persons interested in properties may copy from the master list which is available in the Administration Building, or they should save advertisements printed in the Courier-News or local newspapers.

Adjournments, settlements or bankruptcies may cause a sale to be cancelled.  They may occur at any time prior to the sale. In most cases, property will not be re-advertised.

We recommend accessing the Sheriff’s Website anytime at (and select the sales link),to determine if the sale will be held.  If more information is needed, you can call the Sales Unit at 908 231-7144 or send an e-mail to the link provided below.  To speed your inquiry, refer to the Sheriff Sales number that appears in the legal notice or newspaper advertisement.

Sheriff Sales of property are open type auction sales (sealed or mailed bids are not accepted). The plaintiff opens with a bid of $1,000.00 and all subsequent bids are in multiples of at least $1,000.00. Property is sold to the highest bidder.

The successful bidder must post a deposit of at least 20% in certified funds, cashier's check, certified check or money order, of the total bid price at the close of the sale. The balance is due in cash, cashier’s check, certified check or money order, within 30 days from the date of the sale.

If the balance is not paid within 30 days, the buyer may lose his/her deposit. Additional interest accrues from the 11th day after sale. Additional time is not granted to the buyer to obtain a mortgage.

The purchaser will receive a Sheriff's deed when full payment of the purchase price is received by the Sheriff's Office. This deed may not give clear title to the property. In order to obtain clear title, all liens, taxes or encumbrances must be satisfied. We recommend a title search before you bid on sale property.

Private firms conduct title searches. They may be found in the yellow pages of the telephone directory. They charge a fee for title searches.

To determine how much will be needed as a deposit, you must determine how much you intend to bid for the sale property. A certified check for 20% of the highest amount you intend to bid should be made payable to yourself. If you are the highest bidder, you would then endorse the check payable to the "Sheriff of Somerset County".

The former owner can redeem the property within ten days of the sale.  If this occurs, you will receive your deposit back.  In some cases, the owner can also declare bankruptcy within the same time period.  If this is done, the sale is put on hold until the court makes its decision.

Sheriff Sales are held every Tuesday at 2:00 pm at the Somerset County Administration Building, 3rd Floor, Freeholders Meeting Room, 20 Grove Street, Somerville, New Jersey.

All persons bidding on property must identify themselves when entering a bid.

Upset amounts will be given at the sale.

If the property is occupied, it will be your responsibility to have any occupants legally removed.

Eviction proceedings are only done by Superior Court Order. There is a fee for this order and a fee for the Sheriff to evict persons from property purchased at a Sheriffs Sale.

E-mail Sheriff Sales

Frank J. Provenzano, Sr.
Sales Office: (908) 231-7144