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Medical Department


The S.C.J. Medical Department is dedicated to providing a high standard of care to meet the medical, dental, and mental health needs of the inmate which is readily accessible. The Care is provided by a qualified team of licensed healthcare providers in a climate that promotes respect, integrity, and excellence.

The medical staff works collaboratively with others to provide services in a coordinated, expedient, responsive, and professional manner. Our commitment is for quality services for the health care needs of the inmate while respecting their diversity, rights, and human dignity.




Dental Services


Dental services under the direction and supervision of a dentist licensed in the state is provided to each inmate. Care is timely and includes immediate access for urgent or painful conditions. Dental screenings will be provided to new admissions upon intake utilizing the health history. Oral treatment is provided according to a treatment plan based upon a system of established priorities for care. Preventive dentistry shall also be routinely implemented into the facilities dental program.


Mental Health Services


During the medical intake, information is to be documented as to an inmate's mental functioning. Data is obtained through the history segment of the interview as well as the nurse's observations and impressions of an inmates mental status.

When an inmate's level of functioning is questionable or additional data is needed the nurse may initiate putting a inmate on close watch status which could include the inmate being placed in a suicide prevention gown and placed in a protective area for the inmates own safety. They would then be seen by a certified psychiatrist or psychologist for further treatment. If need be then the inmate could be referred to outside sources including Psychiatric Emergency Screening Services, Richard Hall Community Mental Health Center, and Somerset County's Human Services.


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