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Law Library


The Somerset County Jail provides access to the courts through the use of its Law Library. The Law Library contains not only all legal material required by the State Administrative code but it also supply other reference materials that are helpful to the inmates so that they may prepare there defense. The Law Library is staffed five days a week by a civilian staff member who is assisted by an inmate trustee. The Jail library also provides recreation reading material on a regular basis.

The Somerset County Jail also offers Video Teleconferencing to all its municipal courts through the use of shared services. This reduces the needs to transport inmates to and from the different municipal courts. The Video Teleconferencing is also utilized between the Jail and the Somerset County Superior Court for arraignments, bail hearings, and other preliminary hearings. The N.J. State Parole Board also uses the Video Teleconferencing to conduct inmate parole hearings so that it eliminates the need for the parole board to travel to the jail.




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