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Jail Operations


Receiving Department (CC-2)

The receiving area without a doubt is the busiest and most important section in the jail. This area is where all inmates are processed and released. There are several officers assigned to this area and all activity is overseen by the Shift Commander. All incoming inmates are searched and screened in this area. The initial screening in this area includes taking inventory of there personnel property, Data Entry of there charges and bails, and an initial intake of any medical problems or conditions. Once this process is completed they will be turned over to the medical department for a more thorough medical screening. Once this is completed they will be turned over to the ID Bureau for Finger Printing and Photography. The inmate will then be moved to a temporarily housing unit until they are medically cleared to go into general population. Where the inmate will be eventually housed will be a joint decision of the Classification Department and Medical Department.




Main Control Center ( CC-1 )


This control center is the eyes and ears of the jail. All jail operations are monitored via cameras, and motion detectors. Virtually every area of the jail both inside and outside can be monitored within this Control Center.


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