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Corrections Division


The Somerset County Jail is the designated holding facility for individuals who are remanded to custody within the county. Inmates are held on a temporary basis while awaiting trial or disposition of their charges, awaiting transport after being convicted and sentenced to one year or more in state prison, or awaiting transport to another county or jurisdiction while on a temporary hold for that jurisdiction. Inmates are held on a permanent basis while serving a sentence from a municipal court, of up to 180 days, or while serving the sentence of a superior court, of up to 364 days.




While an inmate is incarcerated at the Somerset County Jail, it is the staff’s responsibility to safeguard the public by ensuring that the inmate is securely confined within the facility, and to fairly and impartially supervise the day-to-day movements of the inmate population and ensure they receive appropriate food, clothing, shelter, and medical care. Custody Staff must also ensure that inmates observe the rules and regulations of the facility and interact appropriately with staff members and other inmates.




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