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Corrections Administration



Warden Charles O'Neill

The Warden's main responsibility is the safe and secure running of the jail though his staff. His mission is to continue to find ways to provide a safer community by housing offenders while offering programs and education for offenders to increase there chances of becoming productive citizens when released. Some of these programs include an Inmate Social Service which provides drug and alcohol counseling, religious, and educational services. An inmate work release program is offered to provide offenders the opportunity to continue their employment and support their families while paying there debt to society. Future plans include instituting a jail management computer system to more effectively manage the increasing documentation requirements. Computers will also be installed in all control centers which will enable all officers to receive timely information. Additional cameras will be installed so that all hallways and Dayrooms may be monitored more effectively. Upgrading outdated technology will increase the safety of both staff and inmates while protecting society from committed offenders.




Deputy Warden Tom Kelly 

The Deputy Wardens responsibilities include focus on dealing with inmate issues. These issues include requests, complaints, and disciplinary appeals. He is also responsible for the jails account management, billing, and assisting with the jail's yearly budget preparation. Along with these responsibilities he is also responsible for updating officers personnel files and dealing with disciplinary issues involving officers and oversees the orderly running of the jail in the absence of the Warden.






Chief Gary Hoats


The chiefs responsibilities include overseeing and ensuring a proper lawful operation of the jail. His duties includes the compliance with local health and Fire codes, adequate security, scheduling, purchasing, and maintaining the jail budget.







Captain John Quinn

Under the direction of the Chief, the Captain is responsible   for the daily safety, security, and general operation of the facility. All uniform staff report to this position including the Administrative Lieutenant, Training Sergeant, Records/Classification Sergeant, Maintenance Sergeant, Parole Liaison, and Law Librarian.

Other responsibilities include the Development, implementation and review of Policy and Procedures. The Captain is also the liaison with Special Operations along with Liaison with other Correctional and Law Enforcement agencies.





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